What is Mentoring ?

Mentoring is based on the idea that knowledgeable experts with a set of skills acquired through practical experience guide can support Learners (Mentees) by using their know-how and objectivity to encourage the Learner to change direction.  This helps them learn new skills, a new job function or aids the transition through commercial restructuring.

This process dates back in time to Greek mythology.  When King Odysseus went off to fight the Trojan wars, his youngest son Telemachus was entrusted to Mentor, who took on the responsibility for caring and guiding the young prince towards his future.

In today's ever changing business world, Mentoring is used to assist in the process of change.  It doesn't really matter what the changes are, be it promotion, relocation or redundancy.  All companies go through change, so do their staff.  Mentoring offers significant tangible benefits to the business, making it an efficient and economical path for the development of people in the work place.

So why use external Mentors ?

Typically the guiding role in most businesses is held by the manager or supervisor, but this often leads to a conflict of interest on both sides !  Building a one-to-one confidential and trusting relationship with your line manager or supervisor is not always that easy and can sometimes be a barrier to the whole process of learning.  By utilising external Mentors you are able to get the very best from your people, by showing that you are actively interested and engaged in their continual learning, which in turn aids the business.  It is a relationship rather than an activity, a mutual trust and respect between two people.  There is a specific time frame and objective in mind - to assist in enhancing an individuals performance and to improve the competitive advantage of the business itself.

SMARTraining are proud to be involved with The EU Mentoring Network supported by the European Social Funds, promoted by the London Guildhall University and endorsed by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) -  (The government recognised company for the research of good practice for all SME's here in the UK). 

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